Launch a cryptocurrency in one click!!

The ecurrency hub now has one click coin Launch. And you dont just get a skinny coin. You get a full ecosystem to support you new coin. From an ICO platform, to a webwallet (HD/HDMULTISIG/MULTISIG/KEYPAIR) to a market , Payment gateway (Plus free merchant plugins), Exchanger with support for over 50 fiat gateway, (PAYPAL OKPAY ETC) AND LOTS MORE

  • Advanced Secure Webwallet.
  • A one click node installer


The ecurrency hub natively supports creation of all wallets for all BTC derived blockchains and a few other RPC API. It also has support for HTTP API to power the wallet eg, and Other API can be easily intergrated. All wallets can be used as a payment gateway, international Money transfer source and a Trading Account

  • Multisig Wallets.
  • HD multisig Wallets
  • HD wallets
  • Node Based Wallet (Insecure)
  • Keypair Wallets (Insecure)
  • API. (,[btc])

Cryptocurrency Exchange (like Gdax)

Advanced Market, with limit trading, stop limit trading and very soon margin trading . Start your own exchange with support for any cryptocurrency and Fiat Currency. Add as many Coins and Currencies as you wish. With a secure Withdraw and deposit system, dedicated accounts system, (separate from the wallet,) Rise Only Markets , Maker/Taker Fee system and Websockets Powered Frontend, You Market will will fill with liquidity in no time

  • Multicrypto support.
  • Multigateway ,Paypal, Okpay... [over 50])
  • Dedicated Account system.
  • Withdraw deposit system.
  • Fees based on Taker , Maker or both.
  • Websocket for Frontend and chat.

Multiple Themes Some Screenshots


Extended RBAC Admin

The extended admin gives you full control of every aspect of your application. Now featuring an advanced Permissions System.

Secure, Beyond Your Expectation

Every thing is under key and Lock. We didnt take chances

Multisig Wallets

No more Bitfinex Here. Every TX is signed with 2 of three Keys!! Only one key is Kept Online

Clean Code

Easy to read and debug. Designed for easy extending and Tweaking.

2 Factor Auth

Uses Google authenticator App Or SMS codes for two factor auth.

Auto Coin Sweep

The application account is the Target of most Hiests. This feature allows you to keep only a small working balance online

Access Control

Choose who sees and uses what. Sort users into groups and control Group Access

24/7 Support

In case of anything we are just skype away from you and will help you resolve any issues at once .

Easy to Deploy, Four Step Process


01 Install the HUB

Use the easy installer to deploy the Hub. We can do this free of charge

02 Connect API and Nodes

Get your API credentials (Eg for Paypal ) enter them and connect.

03 Set Up cronJobs

A single cronjob is required to automate updates and payouts.

04Manage Your Earnings

Your App is ready. You can now deploy a coin, earn from your market ....

Want to BUY? 1BTC Skype: ofuzak.

Update: Due to Rising BTC price. This price is now Unrealistic.