ERC20 Token To Go

This Package has been merged with the cointogo system and is basically the same thing now.

ERC20 Token to Go Is A The Most Complete Crypto Startup Bundle, With all the tools to Get your coin going in under 24hours. The Bundle Contains.

  • A Custom ERC20 Smart Contract,
  • An ICO System to Create Your ICO
  • A ERC20 Token Online Wallet with a Mobile API,
  • A blockchain Explorer for Your ERC20 Token
  • A Merchant Payment Gateway for your New coin.
  • Merchant Plugin for WordPress Woocommerce .
  • Merchant Plugin for WordPress EDD .
  • Merchant Plugin for Webhosting WHMCS .
  • Merchant Plugin for Drupal Commerce .
  • Merchant Plugin for Easy Cart.

ERC20 Token To Go ICO System

With The ICO script contains the platform to carry out your ICO and Later transistion to a wallet seemlessly – . Supports sales through BTC LTC ETH DASH BCH and ZEC


  • User
  • username:
  • Password: password
  • Admin
  • username:
  • Password: password

ICO application features

  • Easy Purchase through BTC LTC ETH DASH BCH and ZEC Users are provided with deposit addresses and QRcode where they can send payments
  • ERC20 Token Calculator with Bonus The Calculator helps users Determine how much Bonu they Get when making a purchase
  • Multi Stage Bonus Based on dates and quantity. This allows you to set Bonuses for users who buy
  • Easy Auto Withdraw after ICO The ERC20 Tokens are automatically moved to the user wallets after the ICO. where they can send them


ERC20 Token To Go Online Wallet and Pay gateway

With The Cryptowallet has everything – To Get your users Going. Secure Send and Receive with easy Payments


  • User
  • username:
  • Password: password
  • Admin
  • username:
  • Password: password

ERC20 Token to Go application features

    • Secure Send And receive Users can send Your coins to each other, Can generate receiving Address and QRcode
    • Advanced Merchant Payment API with Fees Collection The Merchant Api uses A Highly secure 4096bit RSA API Key to secure the merchant api access. Admin can set Merchant fees and withdraw fees.
    • Merchant Payment Documentation With Samples. We took th pains to provide the documentation and PHP code samples for the merchant Payment gateway. This way Developers can start integration your coin on day one.
    • Easy User accounts Management Registration, Email Verification, Login, Password Reset Included By default
    • Social Login Over 5 social Logins Systems Added. Including Facebook and google
    • Multi-factor Auth Login Increased User account security using leveraging all auth Types. Ie, code sent via Email , Code sent via SMS, Backup Codes, Google Authenticator, Or Authy App Codes.
    • State of the art Notifications SMS Notifications with 5 Gateways added, Email Notifications and Push Notifications (Using Pusher API) Implemented
    • Laravel 5.7.13Latest Laravel Framework with All Security Patches Applied
    • Open Source Code Yes so you can extend , modify, theme and make the site your Own
    • Advanced Admin BackendWith All the tools you need to manage your Crypto Users. Set merchant fees, Manage Accounts, Send Notifications, Resolve disputes etc
    • Fully extendable
    • One click coin Setup Yes , Yes Buy Running one command You can have your Blockchain ready in five minutes, with custom Addresses, Premined coins, and an explorer No programming , No genius. Point & Click !, Period
    • Everything PHP and server side. All the wallets are managed server side and written in PHP. No need to install GETH or Parity Node. Install and use system. will even work on shared hosting!!!
    • Transactions Push Notifications. All tx updates are pushed to users via desktop notification!!. When they receive or send your coins or any coin using the wallet

Why choose ERC20 Token to Go?

      • Made to be easy. No technical knowledge required.
      • Technical support is at your service to resolve any potential technical problems.
      • Constantly updated and upgraded. to meet demand. We accept feature requests
      • Built on Laravel 5.7.13 Means Better security, Easy to extend and customise
      • The application is built using modern technology stack and in accordance with best programming practices.

System requirements

Please ensure the following are installed on your server.

      • php 7.1
      • curl
      • mcrypt
      • php7.1-mysql
      • php7.1-gmp
      • php7.1-bcmath
      • php7.1-xml
      • php7.1-mcrypt
      • php7.1-curl
      • php7.1-json
      • php7.1-mbstring
      • php7.1-gd
      • php7.1-intl
      • php-gettext
      • ssl certificate


A documentation HTML file is included with the documentation directory. Installation and setup instructions are contain therein. Online Version.


The Regular license allows you to install the product on one domain only. If you want to use it on multiple domains you have to purchase a license for Each domain

You can not offer this product or parts of this product for free, resale, repackage or include this product or parts of this product into other products for sale any where.

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Coming Soon

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  • A Custom ERC20 Smart Contract
  • An ICO System to Create Your ICO
  • A ERC20 Token Online Wallet
  • Mobile API
  • A Merchant Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Plugin Woocommerce
  • Merchant Plugin for Wordpress EDD
  • Merchant Plugin for Webhosting WHMCS
  • Merchant Plugin for Drupal Commerce