Local Cryptos

About LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos is the Most advanced GeoLocalized Exchange. and Trading application Ever. Start A worldwide Localbitcoins for over 300 Cryptos.
Localcryptos is LocalBitcoins on Steroids. Designed to work and start making sales right after installation. We added everything, Landing page, Articles, wallets, chats, admin end, seeders, settings, Documentation .

Local Cryptos will Make you MONEY. It allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash using a any payment method of their Convenience by using Your Site as an escrow. As the Admin, You charge a percent fee during deposits or withdrawal or Both.
It borrows the idea from local bitcoins , paxful and coincola, expanding and Building on it to allow you out compete these giants.


  • User
  • username: user@zopay.com
  • Password: password
  • Demo 2FA code: displayed in Brackets on the 2 step auth page ( 2FAUTH )
    • Admin
    • username: admin@zopay.net
    • Password: password
    • Demo 2FA code: displayed in Brackets on the 2 step auth page ( 2FAUTH )


It has it all, Nothing to add!! For the sake of mentioning…

  • Geolocalized with Automatic Geodetection. Will detect users location and show them relevant Ads.
  • Multicurrency by design. Supports all National (Fiat) Currencies.
  • Automatic Rates Adjustment. Cryptos Prices fluctuate rapidly, Rates will automatically adjust if the price changes, saving your traders loses.
  • Multi crypto. Supports various Cryptos, Including your new ICO coins etc.
  • Trader and User Feedback and Ranting system to avoid Trader Fraud
  • Online indicators, shows if a user is ONLINE or NOT.
  • Supports Any payment Method! Users can use any payment method to complete trades.
  • Simple advanced design, with the end user in mind. Clean easy workflow, your users will find their way with little or no support.
  • Ads and trade seeding. You can seed Fake Ads and trades to get Business Going. If you have ever started any multi-user business online, you know why you may need this. Users tend to go where there are ads. empty website sends them away.
  • Trading Windows and Timing. Advanced Trading progress Timing, chat , dispute resolution and Trade cancellation.
  • Everything PHP and serverside. All the wallets are managed serverside and written in PHP. No need to install Bitcoind etc, GETH or Parity Node. No Need to pay for Block cypher 70$/Mon. Uses Infura, Etherscan and Insight API. Install and use system.
  • Transactions Push Notifications. All tx updates are pushed to users via desktop notification!!. When they receive or send your coins or any coin using the wallet
  • Top Notch User securityAdvanced Admin end with Role based permissions system and Frontend User sessions / activity logging!!
  • Coin Market-cap page. to keep users on your site incase they need the market info of any coin
  • Already added Site Pages and Articles Over 14 articles, like how to place a trade, FAQ, ABOUT US etc to help get your users going. You can edit these articles to fit your site!!.
  • Translatable ??. Yes!, We took the pains to ensure to use only language files in the code. Thus its easy to other languages. Demand will determine which languages we shall officially translate to.

Lots more. things I deem any financial website should have by default.

  • Two factor auth, with support for Google Authenticator / email / sms codes
  • SMS notification system
  • Phone Verification system
  • Email Notifications
  • Multi Social Network Logins.
  • User Verification / KYC system
  • Folder Separated RBAC permission backend
  • Single CronJob.
  • Password Authorisation before making any transactions.
  • Auto Installer
  • Websocket Based Notification. (Pusher)

System requirements

Please ENSURE the following are installed on your server.

  • Ubuntu 16.04 /18.04
  • php Greater than 7.1
  • curl
  • mcrypt
  • php7.1-mysql
  • php7.1-gmp
  • php7.1-bcmath
  • php7.1-xml
  • php7.1-mcrypt
  • php7.1-curl
  • php7.1-json
  • php7.1-mbstring
  • php7.1-gd
  • php7.1-intl
  • php-gettext
  • ssl certificate


Beautiful Design with latest Tech. Boostrap 4.1, Laravel 5.7.13, Php 7.2, Mysql 5.6 or 8. All 2018 Stuff. (Like you, I Dont like old versions, the bugs are out there for everyone to dig)

I designed this software for my personal use, before my business plans changed. (You know what I mean ). Therfore the software has a personal Touch, and is thorough. Ready to Go, with Beautiful well commented code, Easy to extend and modify, Security to the last drop. even passing simple header security I took all precautions.


A documentation HTML file is included in the documentation directory. Installation , setup and Configuration instructions are contained therein.


The Auto installer contains an updater. When we make updates we shall include Instructions on how to update.


The Regular license allows you to install the product on a single domain only. If you want to use it on multiple domains you have to purchase a licence for Each domain

You can not include this product of parts of this product into other products for sale any where, including on Envato market or its affiliate websites.

  • SMS notification system
  • Phone Verification system
  • Twofactor Auth
  • Social Logins
  • KYC system
  • RBAC permissioned backend
  • Single CronJob
  • Auto Installer
  • Websocket Notification.