Zoex Exchange

Easy: Designed for Fast Deployment and Easy Coins Integration, CryptoMarket is written In latest  Laravel v5.7 MYSQL8 and PHP7.3.CryptoMarket Like all our scripts is open source code and you or your Developers can Modify the code as you please. Every aspect of the market is designed for easy Implementation.

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Security: The Market implements HD Multisignature Wallets with Hourly Cold Sweep Function, to move any  coins in the Hot Wallets to the offline cold wallets. The Odds of Heist are zero to none.

Extensive Support for Cryptos and Fiat:

  • Supports All ETH Tokens
  • Over 50 Payment Gateways Added. Free Gateways Adding
  • Can Integrate with any ETH token or BTC derived Coin
  • Your Users Add ETH Tokens and Add Coins for  Fee.

Frees Installation and 6 Months Support: CryptoMarket ships with a Free Installation service for those of you who don’t want to get your Hands Dirty. You also Get Free Six Months Exclusive (24/7 SKYPE/SLACK) Support from our Team and LifeTime Access to our Question/Answer Support Channel. (Exclusive Support Renews for 600$ A Year. )

  • Latest Php 7.2 or Greater
  • Latest Laravel 5.7.13
  • Latest Mysql 8.0
  • Auto Installer
  • Coin Deployer