Solutions (What can you use it for)

✓ Creating a payment gateway

✓ Creating an automated forex exchanger

✓ Creating an automated cryptocurrency exchanger

✓ Creating an automated forex market (Exchange)

✓ Creating an automated cryptocurrency market (Exchange Like GDAX)

✓ Managing a multi-agent International money transfer system

✓ Selling Voucher cards , and running a voucher based site

✓ Selling tickets to events

✓ To launch your own blockchain and cryptocurrency

✓ To manage the ICO process

✓ To manage the wallets of any blockchain

✓ To foster a demand system for your blockchain currency via Permissions, Investing, Dice and lottery

✓ To increase acceptance for your coin by providing an ecosystem (payment gateway, exchange and market)


All in One Blockchain Solution

One click Blockchain and coin creation. You can Create as many coins as you wish. No more HASSLE with Creating a cryptocurrency. Every coin and blockchain will be deployed and tightly integrated with an advanced ecosystem to support the coin to mention but a few. Best part is you can enable or disable any feature at will. Remember .. EVERY COIN YOU LAUNCH WILL INSTANTLY HAVE THESE FEATURES
Instant ICO page. Very Easy to adjust template, to get your coin started. Allows sale via unlimited cryptocurrencies.
ICO with inbuilt Purchase of Permissions , Ie user can buy admin or mining permission during ICO. Don’t understand permission, read point next section below.
ICO with lottery card /voucher purchase for Reward of lottery after ICO Complete.
Custom Coin address. Yes You pick the leading letter for your P2KH , P2SH , WIF , XPRIV and XPUB addresses from a drop down list. No calculations and equations involved.
Easy settings , for Initial Block reward (Premine), mining reward, mining halving interval, Initial solo mining period where difficutly is not adjusted so you can mine as much as you want and many more customisations, actually we will have to educate you on what the each setting does!!!.
Custom instant daemon and cli. eg. for Kashcoin your command line and daemon are .kashcoind and Kashcoin-cli automatically.
A cryptocurrency and forex market supporting limit and stop limit trades. After ICO, trading will be automatically enabled.
An exchanger that allows users to exchange your coin for other cryptos and fiats
A merchant gateway and Advanced API allowing merchants to accept your coin for payment plus other cryptos and fiats you choose . Plugins for Woo WHMCS etc are an added free Bonus
A voucher system allowing users to create vouchers for your coin, which they can later redeem on you site!!
A coin Lending system BCC style. Say what????????, YES, with a currency of your choice, e.g. you could choose to use RUB in your lending system, where users can lend the coin and earn daily volatile interest in RUBBLE. You set the packages and rewards and interest caps. This is not a Ponzi system. The system auto recycles the coins and only pays users a percentage and making for you the admin a profit.
A coin Dice system for gamblers
A coin lottery system where users can buy lottery vouchers. How about you increase demand for your coin via a billion coin lotto???
Advanced and secure wallet system which you can tweek in every way possible.
Advanced referral system to reward users based on referral action. Supports unlimited downline. You Set the rewards based on downline level
International coin transfer system with support for Money transfer agents (Just Like western Union)!!.
Intergatrate easily and automatically with Banks, Mobile Money, Airtime DIspensors, Moneytransfer using the Quick API setting.


Permissioned Blockchain Multichain is the blockchain of choice for the ecurrency-hub. All Multichain based coins support permissions. We have designed a custom permissions bounty system that boosts demand for the coin by locking upto 80% of the bounty coin away from circulation. By placing a simple setting you can choose to close mining and administration permission. This means Only permitted users can mine or manage the blockchain. Users who want to join this band have to pay a bounty to entice admins to grant the permission.

Users place a bounty on a permission. Admins grant the permission and are rewarded. When consensus is reached , users address is granted the permission and admins earn. The permission system includes mining permission. Miners will not just mine. They have to bounty for the mining permission. Also Mining rewards can be set to reward miners in round robin fashion instead of proof of work. Each available miner takes a turn in the mining reward process. Admins can also revoke mining permissions of stale miners. OR This permission system can be disabled and everyone allowed to mine and admin in BTC style!!.. Read more here



✓ Multichain ONLY: One click Node deploy to digital Ocean for your users. All the user needs do is enter his digital ocean API KEY. A new VPS will created with the blockchain configured and ready to run in 1 minute!!!. As a bonus a block explorer is automatically installed based on admin settings. A node GUI wallet(Custom Order) will also be automatically installed!!.
✓ Multichain ONLY: One click Node deploy SSH script Download. Ever wanted to deploy BTC and realize you need to know some shell???. If you have a phobia for commandlines like I do, then your users will enjoy a one click deploy to a VPS using an automatically generated SSH script. All they need to do is run the ssh script in their shell and BOOM. As a bonus a block explorer is automatically installed based on admin settings. A node GUI wallet(Custom Order) will also be automatically installed!!.
✓ Multichain ONLY: (Comping Soon ) what if you could allow small companies to list stock backed up by your coin. We are actively developing this feature.
✓ DON’T LIKE MULTICHAIN OR HAVE YOUR NODE or COIN ALREADY. No problema. The wallet will connect to any node that supports bitcoin style transactions via RPC (or any other type of node but with about 5 line of code additions ) . And again your node, coin or api will be automatically integrated into the ecosystem without extra settings. Need that additional five lines of code….We will do this for you FREEEEE. Yes, and just to show you how far you can take this, we even integrated API which is purely HTTP!!!!
✓ Automatic Ticker For Your COIN Against USD, EUR, GBP or RUB based on a market of your choice. Ticker can be customised to show your coin rates depending on BTC rate during ICO STAGE.
✓ Admin can set the wallet Type to be used by the blockchain wallets.
✓ All sensitive information is encrypted using diffuse encryption.
✓ Supports HDMULTISIG WALLETS. Offering the most secure 2 in 3 Signature wallet system yet. Admin can decide whether to store the 3RD COLD KEY himself or allow users to store the KEY.
✓ Supports MULTISIG WALLETS. Offering 2 in 2 encryption. NO HD KEYS HERE. Every address has its own private keys
✓ HD wallet support. Plain HD wallets. Public HD keys are encrypted using the the wallet password by diffuse encryption.
✓ KEY PAIR WALLET. Private keys are encrypted using the the wallet password by diffuse encryption.
✓ Admin can set the HD BIP wallet standard .
✓ BIP44 support. Users are provided with mnemonic during wallet creation. One key will have all their coin wallets!!!!.
✓ BIP32 support. Users are provided with mnemonic during wallet creation
✓ BIP45 , This is enforced for HDMULTISIG.
✓ Automatic fee calculation for BTC Wallets using bitcoinfees api
✓ Automatic fee calculation using feeperkb setting. for your custom coins.
✓ Multi wallet system. Want users to have more than one BTC wallet or LTC?? . Easy as chicken.



✓ Dedicated Market accounts where users can deposit, withdraw based on the currency

✓ Easy addition of trading cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies

✓ Dedicated Market Api for current prices etc (Custom Order)

✓ Support for unlimited cryptocurrencies e.g. btc ltc eth....

✓ Support for unlimited FIAT gateways e.g. Paypal, Payeer, etc

✓ Limmit trades

✓ Stop Limit Trades

✓ Email and SMS alerts and updates intergrated.

✓ (Custom Order)SMS alerts can be customised to deliver based on rates!

✓ Websocket powered frontend { push updates for ticker, trades , History, dice and rates info}.

✓ Troll box for chatting

✓ Coin Dice and Lottery



✓ Fully automated, Set-it and leave-it system

✓ Support for unlimited cryptocurrencies e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin commandocoin (By the way commandocoin CDC is yet to be created )

✓ Support for unlimited FIAT gateways e.g. Paypal, Payeer, etc

✓ Automatic exchange execution with option for manual completion incase of anything.

✓ SMS and Email notifications

✓ Automatic rates adjustment for ecurrencies and cryptocurrencies based on Live market prices. Once enabled all you do is set an overhead and you will never loose money again because the rates dropped while you were asleep.

✓ Automatic cold wallet sweep. Sweep your cryptos to cold wallet address automatically once they exceed a specified amount. When a heist strikes, it will be met with a mean cold hearted wallet

✓ Advanced rates settings using Editable Grid or per currency options

✓ Exchanger automatically integrated into the Payment gateway. Users can pay for goods using and exchange currency based on exchnage rates.

✓ Exchanger API available for remote exchanges etc (DISCONTINUED)




✓ Generate and sell airtime cards

✓ Generate and sell payTV load cards

✓ Add and sell Paypal , amazon gift cards

✓ Sell Ticket Vouchers.

✓ Sell Game Online Voucher cards

✓ Damn, Sell any voucher you want.

✓ Voucher based white label payment gateway available for merchants. Users can generate vouchers using their wallets balance and use this voucher for payment at merchant points and websites.

✓ Dedicated Drag and Drop voucher card designer.

✓ Voucher cards are mailed to users

✓ Voucher codes are sent via SMS

✓ Users can refill vouchers

✓ Users can split voucher

✓ Users can merge Vouchers

✓ Users can redeem (Load voucher to their wallet balance)

✓ Supports Agents who can sell vouchers online or hard printed paper scratch card vouchers

✓ Supports mass voucher generation and printing. Simply export and mail to your china printer. (About 200$ for 10000 beautiful cards)

✓ Generate vouchers for cryptocurrency redemption at your site. Ie users can buy voucher and use it to redeem BTC. Use this to sell your new cryptocurrency coins. Use Membership Voucher Cards to support the investment/lending option of your cryptocurrency Locally. Users could buy investor cards, say gold at 10,000$ then load this card Voucher online to start earning daily.

✓ dedicated voucher shop on your site where users can purchase vouchers via any payment gateway





✓ Advanced Voucher API , Payments API . Exchanger API. SCI integration API. Documentation and samples Preincluded!

✓ This a gateway exposes all cryptowallets (INCLUDING YOU OWN LAUNCHED COINS ) and exchange currencies as a payment option for your merchants.

✓ Secured with API KEYS and with support for white label api and voucher based payments ,

✓ we throw in a bonus of woocommerce, WHMCS and Drupal commerce plugins to get your merchants started.

✓ With Support for custom payment buttons and IPN notification, this is PayPal on steroids.



✓ Inbuilt banner advertising system where you can sell banner ads on your site. Users can buy banner space for specific periods.

✓ Custom currency balance . You know that balance you have in PayPal, payeer etc, yeah, your user will have this balance in your chosen denomination in addition all the unlimited wallets they have.

✓ International money Transfer system with support for agents and agent commissions

✓ Advanced verification system with Photo and ID upload and admin can approve or reject from backend.

✓ SMS CODE 2 factor auth

✓ Google Auth App 2 factor auth system

✓ Social login with support for nearly all social networks (apart from whatsapp )

✓ Social registration using nearly all social networks (apart from whatsapp )

✓ Admin Can Ban/ restrict users based on verification

✓ Role based Permissions with User groups and Direct Permissions assignment for both admin and fronted access.

✓ Expenditure Approval and Verification. Before any funds are spend 2 factor auth verification or wallet/account password is requested again for approval.

✓ Agent application and approval system

✓ Offline gateway automation. Yes you can now automate Bank transactions, western union transactions and ( MOBILE MONEY for my friends in India and Africa Eg) someone wants to buy your coins via wester union, all they have to do is send the money, the system will detect this and send the user their coins to their wallet. How COOL.

✓ Visa and Mastercard intergration

✓ Free Live Chat. With desktop and mobile apps. You will never miss business

✓ Affiliate referral system with unlimited downline.

✓ SMS notification

✓ Admin Can add Unlimited SMS gateways.

✓ Admin Can Edit sms and email Templates

✓ Admin Can Send Mass email and sms to users.

✓ Admin Has a Module manager and installer, To Add or remove modules and gateways easily.

✓ SMPT Email for efficient delivery.Ya know Php mail love spam!!

✓ Cheap customisation of frontentend at 300$ you can get a totally unique inteface

✓ Hide / customize admin login url

✓ Free Skinning of the default template

✓ Free installation if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.\

✓ Limited supply only 20 copies will be sold. To enforce this after purchase please comment with your BTC TXID here. After 20 TXIDS I will pull down this sales website and concentrate on support and adding features.


See it LIVE In Action!

Ekashcoin. Full Deploy, Investment and Dice. Custom Theme